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Simple proven tools to help you save time, align yourself with your goals, focus on the most important aspects of business and increase your output.

Refine your focus

Get more done

Receive prompts to establish your most important business initiatives and automatically organize them based on your priorities to boost productivity.

Drive growth

Proven by hundreds of top producing Realtors® this solution-based tool is the ultimate business coach in your pocket for achieving growth and focus to increase performance and profits.

Track everything easily

Instead having to constantly remember what needs to be done, keep everything on track, organized, centralized, and on the record. Save time and hold everyone accountable.

Get the right tools. Get more done.

AIM Real Estate Focus™ offers comprehensive solution-based tools, field-tested to help realtors create systems to focus on the most important aspects of business and personal life, resulting in continuous growth and increased profits.

Automate tasks

Achieve more by breaking big tasks into smaller sub-tasks and prioritize them with our simple automated system.

Business reports

Manage sales projections, year to date financials, income, commissions and more in easy to digest analytics at a glance.

Share projects, delegate tasks and visualize time wasting tasks from urgent and important money making tasks.

Share and collaborate

Never think about completing a sale, we create closing checklists and remind when important changes happen.

Client reminders

Create vision boards to clarify, concentrate and maintain focus on a specific life goal.

Vision board

Recurring calendar reminders

Sync to your calendar and create repeating due dates easily.

Visualize your productivity

Multiple priorities

Real-time data synchronization

Track your productivity and visualize your goals, achievements and financial projections.

Focus on what's important using color-coded tasks for different priority levels.

Never think about syncing, we do it for you, updating your calendar across all devices and platforms.

CSV export

Lead tracking

Client communication

Access all your leads and clients and easily call or text/email them in one place without ever switching devices

Track all aspects of your business, add as many details as you want using client lead pages and keep on to of your leads, clients and tasks.

Track all aspects of your business and convert important business data as a CSV file to your CRM

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Katrina Amurao, Katrina & The Team

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Leo Bruneau, Team Leo

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